The Kenyan mother of H&M racist ad kid doesn’t believe that the ad was racist.

What people are saying: Africlandpost: Of course, she’s from Africa and Kenya to be exact. You know Africans do not see racism, they don’t understand it and at best some cash in exchange is enough for woman like Terry Mango not only to pimp her own son, but at the same time degrade the entire Race of African people. Ladies and gentlemen, these are the enablers I was talking about. People who would do anything to perpetuate Neo-colonial mindset. It’s one thing to sell/pimp your son, but when you are doing it to degrade the entire race, then it affects us and our children too, it’s not just about you anymore. Shame on you Terry Mango from Kenya, you are shittiest person of the week.

Ware: She looks at him as the bread winner of her family….so of course she doesn’t see a problem w/ how he was portrayed…smfh

Pilate: The mother may be from Kenya, but a Sweden citizen. This child may never have been in Kenya, and probably cannot locate Kenya. on the map. #Africlandpost

Wafula: Said “She’s married to a white man and lives in Stockholm Sweden lmao…Stockholm syndrome is no joke”


  1. I wonder how she paid to allow the let put such words on a shirt for her son to wear? Is the money worth enough more than the dignity and glory of an entire race that she and her family are part of? And I hope his son, the main victim of this closet full of racism by H&M, grows up into adultwood to love it.

  2. I don’t think we should blame the mother! It doesn’t matter what her opinion is about it even. Was she aware or not? We don’t really know! The one that is responsible for this is the company H&M. The only one that are to blame!

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