Sukuma man from Tanzania performing Hunter`s lion killing dance.

hey have gleaned away from the fields at harvest, the inevitable sexual play between the children acting as mother and father, and the caring for imitation cattle […]. Thus from an early age both boys and girls are conditioned into their future roles as husbands and wives with their sexual activity taken for granted with the only restriction that it should be carried on discreetly so that the older generation should not notice and of course that unmarried girls should not bear children”.The role of oral poetry cannot be underestimated as it is through song and dance that some of the societies ideals are inculcated into the initiates. A song like ‘Ubumanga Butashilaga’ is sung in this ceremony. The Basukuma are among the most cheerful people in Tanzania. Song and dance come naturally to the Basukuma in rituals, ceremonies, childbirth, death, work, etc. Usually they do not speak directly what is in their minds. They do not show anger and irritation easily except when they are annoyed. If they do not agree with someone else’s suggestion they will just say ‘yes’ and ignore or go their own way. Once they loose confidence with someone or something they do not restore it easily.

BY: Kweku Darko Ankrah