No word yet from AU , as we continue waiting for action (not coming)

Most of these people are Nigerians, Cameroonians, Burkinabe, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalis. If you are from those countries, put pressure on your government.

Lynching, crucifyng, slavery, all these happening in Libya while all African leaders have not even called for emergency meeting at the AU, but if one of them is threatend with ICC they call for emergency meeting and you all defend them.


  1. Yaa, African leaders won’t even dare to take action very quickly becoz they are the cause of this problem. The reason why people sacrifice to go to Libya is becoz they are no jobs in their countries, and the poor people in the whole African countries vote for corrupt leaders, who don’t care about them, they care of their families, relatives and their friends… it is so sad….

  2. I really can’t care less because this is god will and we shall follow his will plus why did they leave there countries they shall take responsibility for their actions I’m honest sad for everything I’m seeing but I’m not leader either someone that can help so it’s useless for us to keep talking all day while they being torture I’m sorry but it’s all good

  3. Many of African “rulers” have no interest of their subjects at heart. You doubt this? Check out how they rule their various countries. Most are heartless, they are only interested on what they benefits – the wealth they would amass while in power. Any surprise then? They are characteristically slow to taking important decisions, never getting bothered about life-threatening cases. I feel sorry for many of my brothers and sisters in these countries. I wish someday, and we would get more of caring, loving, sacrificial, truth-loving leaders who will help them. We won’t stay and watch for long. Africans shall be free – soon.

  4. Till now we africans did not learn arab mentality, i wantto tell you our real enemies are not whites as we always think, they are arab.
    Countries like murtani and sudan black people still enslaved.
    It is normally to hear words like zorga means Blacks abeed means slaves from them. they have policy to expand in central and west africa under islam banner.
    arab dislike anyperson speak african language or practicing african traditions. Forgeeting they were invaders to our continent.

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