Africans are being sold as slaves for body organs etc in Libya and Middle East.

we caution people to tell their relatives to stop crossing the Sahara, but many dismissed us for note understand the need for better life blah blah blah….Now that Western media like CNN and BBC among others are reporting it, they are now inboxing us to share whats going on. We did that a year go, you can contact your governments, Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast. These are the most notorious countries when it comes to crossing the sea to Europe. If you want to be sold as a slave or your body organs ripped of for sale, go a head, be our guest.

By: Africlandpost


  1. Yes.This is a very sad story.It is better to suffer in your home than to take risks where your life will be in danger.
    This is real, nobody should take this as a joke…so if you are making any attempt to go that way,please change your mind.Saw a video that made me cry ….how an African was being illtreated.Lastly, value your heart,liver,lungs and kidney….when they are gone,you are never a living being.

  2. Life is very simple to live,but when laziness and envyness enters a man, he see’s others as better himself. Therefore embarking on all kinds of dangerous Jenny into other people’s territories illegally in the name of making end’s meet. Only for them to short meet their short life. My brothers and sisters being a slave in your own house is better than being a master in somebody’s house, because when the comes the throw you out. So please let us love and cherished our country and together we will make it as good as other people’s country. For it is better you died in your country where you will be given honoured barrier than your cops to be eating by birds.

  3. The issue of slavery in our neighbouring country Libya is alarming on one hand, not to talk of butchering humans all in the name of trading on their body parts (organs) for whatever cost. There was a video I watched where the chest of a victim was ripped apart and you could see the heart beating. Although some of the victims willingly sold some of their organs like kidney for financial gains. The question is, when one of the kidneys is removed, can you still live a complete normal life like when the two are present? The answer is no. God that created us knows too well that we need the two kidneys to get our wellness as a living soul… Others are drugged for some hours, and before they ever wake up if possible , their Vital organs are all gone. Again some Africans lure their fellow brothers to these places especially the far east like Malaysia etc…

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