Racist Attacks on Africans in India Hit Unprecedented Levels

Previously, a lot of people thought racism only existed in the West. But the latest incidents in the Middle East and Asia, where black people are subjected to all manner of abuses, have proved that racism is a global problem.

Just two days ago, the world watched in disbelief a video of a Nigerian man being beaten senselessly with sticks by a group of Indians for allegedly stealing some valuables. Police reports indicate that the incident took place in Savitri Nagar, New Delhi, on 24 September.

According to the BBC, Police in Delhi have since arrested five suspects in connection with the horrifying incident. They’ve also arrested the victim for the alleged theft.

In the disturbing video, the Nigerian man appears to be tied to a post as the crowd beats him mercilessly with sticks.

Residents of Savitri Nagar have accused the man of breaking into a neighbor’s house and attempting to steal valuables.

“It is a case of attempted burglary. Those living in the house got alerted. They caught him and beat him up,” a Delhi police spokesman told the press.

Too Many Attacks

The latest incident is just one of many racist attacks being meted out to Africans in India. Sadly, the incidents appear to be happening more frequently while the Indian government remains mum about them.

Seven months ago, five Nigerian students were attacked by fellow students in Delhi, while another black man was attacked by a crowd inside a shopping mall on allegations of being drug traffickers.

The attacks were triggered by the death of an Indian student after an alleged drug overdose, which was blamed on Nigerian students living in the area. Some locals even accused the Nigerian students of cannibalism.

Last year, similar attacks were reported in different parts of India, including one in which a Congolese man was killed by a mob in Delhi under unclear circumstances. In February the same year, a Tanzanian female student was attacked and partially stripped by a mob in Bangalore after an Indian woman was accidentally run over by a car being driven by a drunken Sudanese student.

The angry mob pounced on the 21-year-old student as she passed by the accident site moments after it happened. She didn’t even know the Sudanese student.

Spontaneous attacks and accusations of cannibalism, prostitution and drug trafficking, all laced with racist undertones, are common occurrences that Africans living in India have to grapple with almost on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, the Indian government has been disturbingly quiet about the attacks, only promising to carryout thorough investigations after an attack has happened. This continued denial by Indian authorities has hampered efforts to end the racist attacks.

African governments are also not doing enough to guarantee their citizens living in India adequate security. Ironically, millions of Indians are peacefully coexisting with Africans and running successful businesses across Africa.

by Fredrick Ngugi


  1. In Africa we have millions of Indians living there. Should we start beating them up too? The Indian government forgets its own people – millions of them live in Africa. We are good God fearing people but enough is enough.

  2. We have lots and lots of Indian in my country should we brutalized them up in this way? You give your the right ? You all are the law? Where is the Law anyway. Wicked wicked wicked people and your say your praying all day. What with your? If you can take a brutal act like this and poste it why can you call the police. What did this man do so much for him to be treated in this way wicked? We should start attacking any country that do this to African where ever we are for this nonsense barbaric act. God will strike anyone who had their hands on this man. For he who has never ever sinned let him cast the first stone. I pray to GOD to strike all your who did this. God reigns fury holy fire on them!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I know what it is being a black African living in India I also faced racist insults,Indians laughing at me when I was living there precisely in Delhi at Dwarka sector19, difficult to face this everyday challenge, I think we should do the same with Indians living in our country, this will wake up Indian government which will lead them to take effective action on that.

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