Apparently young girls are still being bought and sold from Uganda by this european company called European adoption consultants.

called European adoption consultants. $15K for a young girl and its done deal while uganda leaders are busy fighting in parliament on how long they should continue staying on their knees, sucking on you know of of Museveni the sloth.
Did you know that Uganda has the largest number of primates, some endangered in the mountains and some in the president’s office

On some other stories we have heard.

A U.S Family adopted a little girl from Uganda, at the time she didnt speak much english.
Her new family taught her. Apart of the Adoption the US family had been told the girl had not been to school was not being feed properly and her mum could not look after her. Once the little girl could talk English she told her new perants of her amazing mum that walked her to school and church. The family become suspicious and contacted the mother in Uganda, the look of love on the childs face told her something was wrong and when they asked the mother about the adoption she had been told the child would go to the U.S for a proper education and then come back to her. It also states the U.S based company has been closed down.
The way it worked was to find one parent families and offer better education, but all the time using this as a cover up for adoption. The company charged U.S families alot of money to adopt a child, which is legal, but the children the company used are not Orphans as the company stated they had loving families that just wanted an education for their children.
Can you imagine how many people would need to be needed to set this up, again hatefull people that have money and only money on their mind.
This is a great article to bring to peoples attention Africaland post but nothing to do with

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