Rwanda lawmakers approve swahili as the official Language of the country, dropping french completely.

Rwanda lawmakers approve swahili as the official Language of the country, dropping french completely and sidelining english

People said: "This is good,really good but such a move leavez the Belgian (the former coloniser) and French authorities furious. I will not be surprised if a few months from France imposes sanctions on Rwanda or increases its funding to opposition parties or releases a report on Kagame's government poor service delivery and human rights violations.

Rwanda is setting an example for the rest of the African countries. Its about time we drop the colonial legacy and go back to our roots. After all there is no European with an African name or African language as their official language.....Good job Rwanda, wake the rest of the sleeping countries up.

This is great development, if Rwanda still hold on that colonial tight with France, they would not have gone this far, France is evil blood suckered, they keep developing and building their country, But most Country they colonize are living in objective poverty, they dominated their entire existence. The African Union should rise and liberate the African from France and western imperialism.


  1. first and foremost Rwanda are making a big mistake…all African countries now are encouraging to know at least two or three languages….why drop french…it’s one of the most spoken languages….Tanzania have now English apart from Swaihili….

  2. A right step in the right direction. Perhaps they should have chosen English as the second language. English is the most widely spoken language in the world. No country can become an island.

  3. That is just a drop in an ocean on top of being the Direct opposite of what they did during the recently concluded voting of AU chairperson.

  4. I think this article is not accurate. Swahili will be the 4th official language and french is not being dropped based on what I read in two other articles from News Papers based in Rwanda.

  5. Well Rwanda:
    This might initially look like a win or a political milage against the West but thats all!
    The world has become a very tiny village to the point that being multilingual is an absolute necessity for business and commerce. I am a global educator and I can assure you that this decision only serves to close doors of opportunity to the good people of Rwanda – as it has done for ages for the people of Tanzania.
    Let us hope that Swahili being an official language does not sideline English and French from the Rwandese classrooms and work places.

  6. Thank you sisters and brothers in Rawanda for standing up. Africa belongs to African people, not white people. Africa is so beautiful and rich. All the people of the diaspora needs to see Mother Africa and experience her and then invest in her and our people. When Africa rises out of the gutter of poverty and despair we all rise. I do not want to leave this earth without doing my part to help my people. ?

  7. Congratulations my Rwanda people. That’s a great and important step. I pray other African countries should follow. All Francophone African countries are still in Slavery under France.

  8. This should serve as a call for the Africans in America and in the diaspora, to relinquish colonial names that never should’ve been applied to them.Good Start Rwanda!

  9. Prez kagame has done some thing that laudable,other Africans leaders should learn from his bravery and give him enough support, the leaders of Africa Unity must riseup again Neocolonialism and mental slavery at least we have gained formal education from colonialism and that should be an eye opener to identify who we are and what we are capable of doing.I believe we can manage our own affairs if we as Africans can produce leaders like Dr Kwame Nkrumah,Nelson Madiba Mandela,Dr Kofi Annan,prof Allotey,Barak Obama.

  10. To be able to develop African peoples the language is essential and must be indigenous. Otherwise some will get left behind.

  11. Remove colonial language in administration, fine. But, Swahili is the language spoken by a fraction of the people and ikinyarwanda by the majority. Was not this the type of arrogance by one group towards an other the caused the genocidal war not very long ago?

  12. Swahili is now Rwanda’s fourth official language. The other three are French, English and Kirwanda. This article is misleading and what’s ironic about it is that it is written in English attacking the languages of the west. Too funny. You might as well face the fact that this article was written in English because English is one of the most widely understood and spoken languages in the world. It doesn’t really matter where the language came from. It’s a very useful language to communicate to extremely large numbers of people which the author of this article obviously wanted to do.

  13. Patently absurd decision to promote a coastal East African language (East Africa is the home of Swahili) spoken predominantly in Tanzania and then Kenya. The main reason Kiswaheli is spoken in the area is trade and of course the former trade in slaves. It would seem to me that if French is one of the languages of “western imperialism” then Kiswaheli should equally be seen as the language of the Arab slave trade.

  14. Love it, this the way forward for Africa, being too long that Africa as being rob of everything from our history, riches and lands.. but Rwanda look after your people, clearly shows you want better for your land, France don’t like African in there country as the mistreat black’s there..

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