This 10 Year Old Has Invented A Device To Stop Babies Dying In Hot Cars. Read More

Saddened by a hot car death in his town, Bishop aspires to build a car seat or car seat cover that will detect when a child has been left inside a hot vehicle and alert parents to the child’s situation. The car seat will also come with the technology to help cool down the child while he or she waits to be rescued.

This is the pitch from the GoFundMe page raising money for the production of a device that Bishop Jr. came up with to save lives!

The device aims to blow cold air at a baby if left in the car until the parents can be notified and come back to relief the child.

Texas has a particularily high amount of deaths and if this device could save just one life it would be an amazing thing.

Bishop is said to be inventing all the time and his father thought this particular idea needed attention.

So far they have raised over $15k of their $20k goal. You can help them get closer here.