IF you are Jamaican, Haitian, black british, afro colombian, Afro cuban, afro venezuelan, afro mexican, afro panamanian, afro dominican, afro puerto rico, african american, etc

etc…and all other afro something, remember one thing, in Africa, lies a man and woman just few hundred years old who is directly responsible for you being a live. If you are Nigerian, somalian, zambian or any other African, remember that there are fellow africans whose skulls are still buried in this land whose great great grand children now live in foreign lands. What I am trying to say is, doesnt matter where you are born, we bounded together in a deeply spiritual way through this land we call Africa and no one whatsoever is more African than the other. A Nigerian is more nigerian than myself, an Malawian is more Malawian than me, a Congolese is more Congolese than me, but none of these people are more African than me and that’s how we should relate to each other, different nationalities, same people. A Ghanaian is likely to have similar DNA with Jamaican who has never been to Africa than the DNA between the same Ghanaian to a Rwandese. A Nigerian is likely to have same DNA with Afro brazilian than the same Nigerian to a Zimbabwean. So if a Nigerian see me as closer to him than his fellow Yorubas who were forced into slavery in Brazil, he’s just playing himself. Me and you are both Africans who are born and raised here, but you would find that you have matching genetics with someone in Cuba or brazil than you would with me. If you look at it that way, it shows you how deeply we are connected and are one. So lets stop division and lets stop acting like there is hierarchy on Africaness because there is non, there are just displaced africans and africans left behind and in some cases trying to displace themselves.

By: Africlandpost


  1. Can the leopard change his spots ?
    Neither can the African change his skin . As the the great Peter Tosh rightly said and sang , no matter where you come from as long as you are a black man you’re an AFRICAN.

  2. True Talk. We were kinapped from Africa, we didn’t choose to live in the Americas, we all from the same African land. We should stop thinking that because English, Spanish, Portugues and French are our languages, they are not, we were colonized by these evils and we need to stop believing that Africa is not our Motherland. We Are Africans in the Americas!!!

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